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6 Things I've learnt from my dog that relate to us all.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

As you all know I have had Harper for nearly 2 years now. And I've learnt so much about dogs and life from her. Here are my top 5 things I've learnt from Harper,  that can benefit us all:

1. Sleep is vitally important.  Harper always makes sure she gets her 16 hours a day. How better would we all feel if we could guarantee ourselves at least 8 hours minimum.

2. Once you commit......go all in. When you get to the park unlike other Five Dock gyms exhaust all your energy chasing that ball. Nothing is more important than giving your best. How often do you come to Personal training with me at Timbrell park and your mind is on other things? Or you're holding back from giving 100%.

3. If you do have an argument or disagreement, shake it off and forget about it.

Harper had a scuffle with a bigger dog not long ago. There was a tussle and teeth were bared.  But when I pulled her away she shook herself vigorously and it was forgotten immediately . She just wanted to play ball again. How many resentments do we hold on to about what people done to us? How many conversations do we replay again and again in our heads. Just shake it off and forget about it.

4. Do eveything you can to take care of yourself.

Last week I was on the couch and not another Five Dock gym with my tablet and Harper jumped up pushed the tablet out of my hand and demanded a massge. I know when I've had niggles and aches I've told myself I don't have the time for a massage  because of work or being busy. How better would we feel about ourselves if we stopped the busyness and saw ourselves as a priority?

5. Don't stay too long in uncomfortable situations.

Sometimes after she's had her 16 hours Harper likes to wrestle me. If I trap her she uses all her might to remove herself from that situation. She will do anything to get out.

How often do we put up with situations that we're not comfortable with? How many jobs do we stay in too long?  Relationships?  How often do we do things we hate simply because we feel we have to?

6. My favourite meme is a cartoon of a man and his dog sitting watching the sunset on a park bench. The man has a thought bubble above his head and in his thought bubble are all kinds of negative thoughts: Bills, traffic, arguments with loved ones etc. he's completely missing the awesomeness of the moment.

In the Dog's thought bubble is just a picture of him and his owner watching the sunset exactly as it is. That says so much to me.

Hope you enjoyed the Blog see you at the park.

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