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Group Training is About Achieving Personal Goals

Alice Punchrunlift
David Middleton loves group training because it works … and that’s because David understands your personal goals and the journey you are undertaking to get there. He knows you are time poor, frustrated about those extra kilos, clothes not fitting - and just wanting to get fitter, leaner and feel healthier and more energetic.
David Middleton gets it.
David has made his life about fitness, training, nutrition and motivation because he really enjoys seeing the excitement on participants’ faces when they achieve their goals.
It could be a weight loss goal, a fitness level or a personal best in a triathlon. David is here for you and he wants to help you achieve your personal best in everything you do.
Quit Wasting Time, Money and Effort in the Gym

Getting fit and staying fit is all about motivation, drive and encouragement.

When you join PunchRunLift – you’ll find all of that in spades. Being around others with the same mind-set is a natural motivator to keep going and put everything you have into it. Having David there to drive you every step of the way, to advise you and help you when and where you need it, is a great incentive to keep going – besides all of that, David knows how to make fitness fun.

Get out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Experience the driving force that is David Middleton – and start seeing the rewards you want from your fitness regime. 



David is here for you. No matter what your challenge is or what your goals are. No matter what shape you are in now or what shape you want to be in. David will work out the best plan for you, taking into consideration your work and lifestyle schedule.

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