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Q. Who do we Help?

A. Our Main Members are over 30's who are looking for a supportive community of like minded people.

Q.How specifically do you help them?

A. We meet you on your terms. You wnat weight loss?  We've got you. You want more energy?  We've got you.

You find Gyms pretentious? We offer a supportive non judgemental enviroment.

Q.How are you better than your competition? 

A. We are no better or worse than the others. All fitness centres, gyms and Bootcamps offer something unique. I recommend trying every option available to you until you're happy that you've found your "place".

One advantage we do have is that we have been here in Five dock for 13 years. You gain a lot of experience in that time. experience we'd love to share with you to get you results.

Try us today.

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