"Our Personal Training in Five Dock Group really is loads of fun and delivers excellent results. I love to see the guys pushing each other to go that little bit further. We all contribute, with tips and words of encouragement - but best of all - we're doing it all together in our outdoor fitness class, achieving goals, smashing targets and just having great group workouts that truly rock."

- David Middleton

Body Jolt was brilliant!


I'd been trying to lose a couple of kilos for months, I felt flabby, my clothes were feeling tight, and I knew I'd got into some bad eating habits. The body Jolt program gave me a detailed guide which made sense to me and could fit into my lifestyle. Within a week the healthier eating plan gave me more energy to exercise and helped me to sleep better. After about 3 weeks my measurements showed a difference. I was getting leaner and feeling fitter by the day!


At the end of the program I'd lost 4kg and 12.5cm off my hips. Best of all I'm confident I can keep the weight off and stay feeling fit and happy! David's support and the support and camaraderie of the other Jolters was key to my success. It was brilliant to be part of a group where everyone was working hard to be fit and healthy!

- Kate W

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