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Get Your Muscles Pumping With PunchRunLift- The Best Outdoor Training Facility in Sydney

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

For anyone who finds exercising in a regular gym quite boring, outdoor training can provide a perfect solution to remain fit without following a boring, stale routine. PunchRunLift is an ideal place to get your Body Moving in a delightful outdoor environment. It is undoubtedly the best Five Dock gym alternative in Sydney’s Inner West that is known to offer top-notch services for group training, boxing and personal training in Five Dock.

It is owned and run by David Middleton who is an experienced Cert 4 personal trainer. He makes training fun with his engaging programs that are especially designed to workout every muscle in your body. He walks with you in your journey to fitness and motivates you to push yourself further than you have before.

One thing that makes PunchRunLift a unique training facility is itsopen-air group training. Exercising in groups is a great way to keep the excitement level up during the workout, plus, it also keeps you inspired to move towards your fitness goals with enthusiasm. Such training helps you stay committed to your fitness plan for longer than a gym membership. It keeps the freshness in your workout routine as the surroundings keep on changing with every season, which is the prime reason you don’t get bored when you opt for outdoor group training program

We also offer services for mindset shift training in Five Dock to put you back on the track of positivity and reinforce your self-belief. We help you build an optimistic approach towards your fitness goals so that you approach them with high passion and determination. Furthermore, we also provide first-rate boxing training that tones your muscles.

At PunchRunLift, we strive to make losing weight and getting in shape a highly exciting activity. We aim to provide you with something different from the conventional approach of performing fat burning exercises in a compact gym environment. Our result-oriented exercise programs can easily help you reach that ultimate level of fitness you have been wanting forfor so long. With this novel approach to keep fit, we aim to present you with an enjoyable method to make wellness and health a striking addition to your lifestyle.

We pay adequate attention to each client and our workout sessions are specifically tailored as per your physical abilities as well as individual goals. We make you challenge your boundaries and build a social confidence that plays a crucial role in improving your overall health and fitness.

Contact PunchRunLift today to book your one week’s free trial!

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