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PunchRunLift - Fueling Your Passion for Fitness, Friendship, and Fun!

It's been a fun 16 years at PunchRunLift. You know after all this time I wouldn't change a thing. The hours and hours of Running classes, Boxing Classes, Lift classes. The friendships, the Xmas Parties.

All the laughs we have had just makes me want to keep going and going!!

Like getting up morning after morning at 5am for me. Turning up for you entails a lot of commitment.

And it's tough because like building a business maintaining a healthy body doesn't happen immediately. The benefits aren't seen right away with outdoor Training.

It takes commitment and dedication.

That's why it's so commendable to keep going.

And that's why you should be so proud of yourself after all these years to keep doing it again and again.

anyway I've rambled enough here's to the next 16 years!!

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