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New Year, New me ha ha

Hi All,

Welcome a brand new year 2018!!! Have you seen the "New year, New me" memes? Have you heard people talk about how this year is going to be different to the last? How can you be one person at 11.59.59 and then a complete new person at 12.00am (one second later).

The simple answer is you can't. Nothing is that simple. You can talk about it but can you do it?

Being an outdoor fitness trainer is 99% of the time the best job in the world. Although there is always that 1% of the time where it is so frustrating. Let me explain.

There is nothing worse for me than seeing potential wasted. When someone comes to me saying they want to be FIT. I first of all have to get them to tell me what their definition of FIT is. It is completely different for two people. Try it, ask two separate people on their definition and you'll be amazed at the answers.

So they want to be FIT, we find out there definition of FIT. We develop a plan to get them FIT and then after 2 or 3 sessions they become erratic in their attendance.

Sessions are missed, Food diaries are shelved, excuses are strong. And then gradually, bit by bit you'll lose them. They are back to square one. Back to where they were at 11.59.59.

How does this happen? It's all to do with the least line of resistance. Water takes the least line of resistance and so do our minds.

: It's easier to sit on the couch

: It's easier to go for after work drinks

: It's easier to turn off the alarm clock

So the real trick is not in the Exercise plan (although it's important) . The real trick is showing up. It's the one thing I tell people who have questions about Fitness, weight loss, strength, Marathon Running etc.

Just show up and do the work, eat well and it will fall into place. Trust me I've been a Personal Trainer for many years.

Also don't forget the same voice that will tell you to stay in bed in the morning is the same voice that berates you when you look in the mirror.

So it's time to ignore that voice and Achieve. Trust me in 12 months time you'll be glad you did.

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