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Talking for once about Five Dock Gyms

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Today I want to talk about gyms in Five Dock or most of the Five Dock gyms. There is a Plethora of gyms in Five Dock that you can try out , or test, or do a 14-day trial or even a months trial. I fully suggest and I highly recommend you do trial them.

But I want to talk about the thing that people forget about when signing up to a gym in five dock or anywhere, come to think about it. And that's accountability!!!

I know some of the personal trainers and they're excellent but it's costing you big bucks to get accountability for only 45 minutes in your week. It's costing you between $100 - $130 for such a short time,. And I've seen the way they work out that price doesn't include time to stretch and you're supposed to warm up on your own beforehand. Then you do your session and then you stretch at the end in your own time. I've been in this industry a long time and if you're paying for a premium service you should get a premium service.

Now I just want to tell you about what we offer.

We are not a gym, as such. we offer 12 classes during the week.

Punch classes, lift classes and Running classes. We are the best for outdoor fitness in the Inner west.

Your pay a four weekly fee with us and you will get me providing the accountability to you.

We also run various events throughout the year, we go to the Gold Coast for the Half-Marathon, we do City2Surf we do the Blackmores run all the training for this is included in your Monthly fee. And as I said one of the things that people miss out on at other Gyms in Five dock is accountability. If I don't see you and you're booked into a session with me then watch out because, I will be on the phone to see where you were!!

So in regards to gyms in Five Dock there's some great ones if you're self-motivated and there's some great options.

But if you do need that extra bit of accountability then I'd love you to come along and try PunchRunLift Outdoor Training.

I'm doing a great offer at the moment which is 21 days for $21. You can come and try our service and get a meal plan plus me coaching you for 21 days.

I want you to get some quick results and then if you don't continue with me at least you'll walk away having had a good experience.

If you're happy at your gym and you don't need the extra accountability then you're in a small minority, well done.

Here are also some of he Benefits of exercising outdoors:

See you at the Park,


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