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The saddest day of my Five Dock Fitness Personal Trainer life

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The saddest day of My PT life

So there I was ready and prepped. This was about our 5th or 6th session together. Me a newly qualified Personal Trainer and the after school crew as I called them. 4pm was an odd time slot for a session but there were 5 of them so it was worth doing. Petra (name changed) turned up with a big smile on her face " you won't believe it" she said " I've lost 2 kg's already". That really was a good effort as they'd only been outdoor Five Dock fitness training for 3 or 4 weeks. "I'll finish up at the end of the month as I've nearly achieved what I wanted to". She stated. " What do you mean, we've only just started" I said,  "think of all the things we can achieve". But unfortunately the session went downhill from there. We spoke some more about fitness, health, cardio and such but they all admitted that if there was a pill you could take that kept you slim, then none of them would exercise. What a waste! Petra drove them to the session so it was pretty obvious if she didn't come the others weren't going to. And after about 10 sessions that was it. 5 clients lost, just like that. In some ways I blame myself because if I'd have done my pre checks etc I would have realised that we weren't a good fit for each other. Because if there's one statement I want printed on my gravestone it's this Do not exercise for weight loss!!!!!!  There I've said it. Exercise has next to nothing to do with weight loss, yet my Industry has been hijacked by it. Exercise benefits: Raise energy levels, Get your endorphins motoring, Flexibility, Cardiovascular benefits, Strength, Power, Hypetrtrophy Reverse the ageing process (hopefully)

The list is endless.    Weight loss can be an outcome of exercise but it shouldn't be your focus. If you want to lose weight, eat better. Cut down on sugary foods, alcohol, heavy carbs. Exercise for overall health, your body will Thank you.

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