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28 Day Challenges in Five Dock Gyms

So I've been a bit slow on the blog writing recently, apologies. But things have been very busy in our Five Dock Gym!

Having been a business owner for nearly 15 years nothing surprises me anymore! Recently I was talking to another Gym owner about how things have changed and how hard it is to get people to come in and commit. I must say I haven't found this to be the case at our Bootcamp.

He reeled off all these problems he was having and it dawned on me that I was having the same issues but I was framing them differently in my mind.

Sure I had Ads running and a lot of people who responded to the Advert wouldn't come in and try our 28 day challenge. However I didn't see this as a problem.

Let's break it down. If someone clicks on your advert and immediately gets an email and text messages asking them to book a call. And they don't act upon that, then they aren't the right client at the right time. That isn't to say they won't become ready in the future. But at that point in time it's not a good fit.

So I was asked if this situation frustrated me. And no it doesn't, if someone can't book a call with me or pick up the phone when I call them. How am I going to get them to follow a meal plan or Succeed in one of my Body Jolt programmes?

If someone is not ready to tell me what their big fitness goal is, how can I help them?

If they are going to procrastinate on clicking a button, how are they going to turn the alarm clock off at 5.30am to come and see me at Timbrell Park at PunchRunLift/

See it's just not the right time for that person. And we both move forward.

If you feel, you may be ready for me to help you, then get in touch.

If you're not ready but would like to be maybe this will help?

Thanks for reading,


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