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Five Dock Outdoor Bootcamp

15 years, 15 long hard years!! Only kidding.

It's been amazing owning and operating a Five Dock Outdoor Bootcamp for nearly 15 years!!!
It's funny how time goes on and you mature as you go.
Previously I wanted the whole of the Inner West to train with me. Now I have narrowed everything down to a specific niche. Other Five dock Gyms open there doors to all. I seem to attract over 30's who are short on time and who want some time away from family and job pressures. I love working with people like this as they are really focused and get it done.
How long will I keep doing it? I honestly have no idea but I truly love what I do. And as long as people keep getting out of their cars and turning up I will still be here.
If you'd like to join our amazing Five Dock Tribe and try us out for 28 days on our challenge then click here and I will be in touch.
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