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Change Your Attitude Towards Fitness classes With PunchRunLift, Sydney

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

A lot of people feel that exercising is a tedious task and are not very excited about joining a fitness centre. This thought is completely justified in the sense that visiting the same Five dock gym everyday with the same type of environment can make you feel bored pretty quickly.

PunchRunLift is changing all that by offering a wide range of fitness services in the great outdoors . Unlike other Five Dock gyms it is a unique outdoor training facility in Sydney, Australia that is renowned for offereing exceptional training services to its members. There are many gyms in Five Dock, but there are only some that provide first-rate services for outdoor training which are particularly aligned with the demands of the customers. We offer classes with different types of exercises for cardio training, core strength training, weight loss and strength.

Such training is highly appealing and adds an element of excitement to your workout schedule. You do not get bored as the natural surroundings and fun and rewarding classes keep changing every other day so no two days feel the same.

This outdoor training facility was started by David Middleton who is a qualified Cert 4 personal trainer. He always wanted to do something different from the typical, and thus, he planned to take fitness outside from the compact and sweaty environment of the gyms while focusing on personal attention.

He is known to provide top- rated personal training in Five Dock that is designed for your specific fitness goals. He is a pro in formulating different sorts of fitness plans that are tweaked as per the needs as well as abilities of the clients. He is also impressively knowledgeable about an array of diverse nutritional plans that should be followed to reach the set wellness goals fast. He additionally acquaints his clients with different sorts of supplements that are suited to their body type.

PunchRunLift is one of the few Five Dock gyms offering engaging outdoor group training services where you are made to exercise with people who share your same health targets and vision. When like-minded individuals come together and inspire each other to reach their optimum level of fitness, then there is nothing that can stop them from attaining their goals.

Come and experience the difference by enrolling in our one week’s free trial class!

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