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The exact science of Outdoor Training at PunchRunLift.

Here we go, finally I reveal the secret to Success. The holy Grail of how to achieve weight loss, Marathon Running, building Strength or Hypertrophy at PunchRunLift Five Dock.

So since the start of the year I have had a number of enquiries from prospective clients who want to come along and train with us......excellent you may think, in some ways yes and some ways no.

Why No? Well consider this. Someone comes along to Training and they are Half hearted. Not half hearted about your Outdoor sessions but half hearted about whether or not they really want to commit to exercise.

So because you like to give everyone a chance you let them start and within a week they are missing sessions. They are not following the dietary advice you gave them. They are not returning your email or phone calls. You get the picture?

Within a month they have quit on themselves again and decided that they will get fit some other time.

Later that month they are at the supermarket and bump into an old friend who says they want to join a gym in five dock. What do you think happens next?

That's right they say that your amazing Inner west bootcamp didn't work them. That they only stayed a month......

Now does the other person ever say " Well were you 100% committed?" No , never!!

So that's a possible future client you've lost because of you didn't find out the original clients "Why" and if that "Why" was strong enough to get them out of the bed in the morning.

So here we lead to the Holy Grail of have to desire change.

You have to want to change with every fibre of your being.

You have to say to yourself that nothing will stop you this time.

When that happens it is a beautiful thing. The training becomes easier, results come faster and for me referrals flow (ha, ha).

So when you're truly ready I am here and waiting. I'll run with you in the wind in the rain. We'll lift weights in the dark and the bright sunshine. That is my commitment to you. But that can't happen until you truly commit to the most important person in the WORLD.


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