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Five Dock Personal Training and Group Outdoor Fitness- PunchRunLift

Five Dock personal Training
PunchRunLift Five dock Personal Training

Do you know I worked it out the other day.....are you ready.

I've been here 12 years. At 12 x sessions a week. 2 x weeks off for Xmas and the occasional holiday!!!

That comes to....... on average 7,200 sessions of Outdoor fitness in Five Dock.

If you add in Five Dock Personal Trainer sessions, that's.......... 3,120......

That's over 10,000 sessions as a PT!! You get a lot of experience and a lot of results for members in all that time. Imagine all the Kg's lost!

I have truly seen it all.

We've had a lot of laughs, we've had the Five dock sniper, the Five dock Body snatcher. (true) just ask me.

We've had rain, wind, dust storms, bush fires, thunder, lightning. Everything that the elements can throw at us and we're still here!!

I've had days when I feel like the best Personal Trainer in Five Dock, and many days when I feel like the worst.

But through it all I've had these wonderful clients who keep showing up!!

I feel like the luckiest trainer in the World and there's no job I'd rather do.

So enough about me....this is how I can help you.

If you want or want to....

Feel Energized,

Lose weight,

Gain strength,

Build Muscle,

Fit into those Skinny jeans,

Fit into that suit,

Nutrition advice,


An amazing group of people to work out with then get in touch with me.

I'd love to add you to our success stories.

I'll leave you with a Final and favourite picture of mine from this years Xmas Party

Five dock Outdoor fitness
PunchRunLift Five dock Xmas Party

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