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Go from unfit To Fit Easily With PunchRunLift, Australia- The Best Outdoor Training Facility

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

PunchRunLift is an extraordinary open air fitness group in Australia that is aimed at helping people accomplish their fitness objectives easily. It is unlike other Five Dock gyms as it offers you weight classes, weight loss training as well as cardio exercises in the open air conditions.

PunchRunLift trainers have experience in using top quality outdoor fitness programs that are especially designed taking into account the unique fitness goals and capabilities of its members. Regardless of whether you are endeavouring to burn that additional fat or need to sharpen your boxing skills, we have a plan that will suit you. The list of services offered at this training group include strength training, group training, lifting training as well as personal training in Five Dock.

We also offer result-oriented group training services that help you in accomplishing your fitness needs along with other members who share your same goals. When you exercise with a companion or a group of dedicated individuals, it works well to encourage you to move towards your set goal with determination.

We are not like other gyms in Five Dock, and take special care that the group that is assigned to you comprises of people who share your same mindset as well as goals. This presents you with a motivational social gathering that stimulates you to achieve your fitness objectives with passion so you keep to your fitness plan.

PunchRunLift was started by David Middleton, a coach who endeavours to make his workout sessions fun with his one of a kind approach.. He is a qualified Cert 4 Personal Trainer and loves working with the general population.

Contact us now to enrol in a one week’s free trial at PunchRunLift!

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