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PunchRunLift- The only place For Cardio Fitness Training in Five Dock

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

A lot of us have been there; we want to do something about our fitness, but are not veryexcited about joining other Five Dock gyms. For all of us struggling to get in shape, PunchRunLift offers an exciting way to reach our health goals by presenting outdoor classes. The long list of services at PunchRunLift include cardio strength training, lifting training, weight reduction, boxing, mindset shift training and special training for cardio fitness in Five Dock.

PunchRunLift was started by David Middleton, he is highly passionate about fitness. He is a qualified Cert 4 personal trainer and is respected for his immense knowledge about different types of workout programs that can easily help you achieve your Ideal body. He makes every class fun and engaging.

He motivates you to push yourself to achieve your set fitness goals. He is not only knowledgeable about the physical aspect of training, but also holds impressive information about the varying nutritional requirements of the human body. He responsibly guides his clients about their various nutritional needs and supplementation requirements.

The best feature of PunchRunLift is the outdoor training group. It is known for offering great classes for cardio fitness in Five Dock. It is a well known fact that cardio exercises form an integral part of any exercise routine as they are intended to build the strength of muscles. We have designed a special plan for cardio exercises that is suitable for everyone. We do not make you perform the same set of exercises repeatedly, but instead, our programs contain of a unique mix of exercises that workout every muscle in your body without making you lose interest in the exercise.

You can be sure that you are in the right hands when you choose PunchRunLift to attain your fitness goals.

Call us now to enrol in our one week’s free trial.

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